Booking Engines
central reservation system
Booking Engine Options

Meridian's central reservation system enables destinations, hotels, airlines and other tourism and hospitality companies to fully compete with OTAs on the most advanced technological platform in the industry today. Our solutions include:

1. Referral Model
  • Global search of accommodations, attractions, etc.
  • • Final room booking payment done on individual properties’ website
2. Transactional Model
  • Global search of accommodations, attractions etc. on MRS platform
  • Final transaction payment processed by MRS
  • Includes packages with hotel, attraction and event components
  • Full accounting services provided by MRS
  • Comprehensive real time reporting to Client
  • Call Centre services provided by MRS
3. Hybrid Model
  • Referral Model for accommodation-only bookings
  • Transactional Model for packages, events and attractions bookings
Our Sample Booking Engines