Daredevils of Niagara Falls - A Comprehensive History of the Falls, the People & the Places
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Henri Julien Rechatin

In an era when stunting was a viable form of entertainment daredevils had to constantly perform more daring feats. One such tightrope walker was Henri Rechatin. Mr. Rechatin would attempt a crossing of the Whirlpool on the cables on the Spanish Aero Car. This would seem an unlikely choice.

Henri Rechatin using the Spanish Aero Car cables for a tightrope

The Spanish Aero Car cables are not supported by guy wires, so wind can be a problem. The cables are also greased making navigation even more difficult.

In 1975 three people attempted the crossing using an unusual contraption. Early on the morning of June 4th, 1975 Henri Rechatin, his wife Janyck and his friend Frank Lucas made the perilous trip.

Lucas, a motorcycle champion drove a motorcycle on the cable. Attached to the motorcycle were two perches, one above and one below. Janyck would occupy the perch below, hanging from one foot and Rechatin would be on top balancing everything with his pole.

The journey across was not without incident. At one point Rechatin had to stop while Lucas, who had never performed this type of stunt before could regain his composure.

The trio did make it across unscathed. On the 20th anniversary of his tightrope walk Rechatin attempted to secure permission from authorities to repeat his stunt. He was promptly turned down by the Parks Police and made no further attempt to repeat his stunt.

Henri Rechatin balances atop a motorcycle being driven by his friend Frank Lucas while Rechatin's wife dangles above the rapids by a rope