Daredevils of Niagara Falls - A Comprehensive History of the Falls, the People & the Places
Over The Falls
Annie Taylor
Bobbie Leach
Charles G. Stephens
Jean Albert Lussier
George A. Stathakis
Red Hill Jr.
William Fitzgerald aka Nathan Boya
Karel Soucek
Steve Trotter
John (Dave) Munday
Jeffrey (Clyde) Petkovich and Peter DeBernardi
Jessie Sharp
John (Dave) Munday (second trip)
Steve Trotter (a second time) and Lori Martin
Robert “Bob” Overacker
Kirk Jones

Tightrope Walkers
Clifford Calverly
The Great Farini
Maria Spelterina
Steve Peere
Samuel John Dixon
Henry Balleni

Henri Rechatin

Shooting the Rapids
Carlisle Graham
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Red Hill Sr

Swimming the Rapids
Captain Matthew Webb
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Sam Patch

Lincoln Beachey

The Maid of the Mist
The History of the Maid of the Mist
The Legend of the Maid of the Mist

Miracles at the Falls
The Roger Woodward Story
The Old Scow

Ice Bridges
Tragedy at the Falls

Niagara Falls Bridges
The Early Bridges
Collapse of the Fallsview Bridge
The Second Fallsview Bridge
The Queenston-Lewiston Bridge
The Rainbow Bridge
The Whirlpool Bridge

Historical Niagara
The History of the Falls
The First Inhabitants
European Discovery
The War of 1812
Navy Island
The Early Tourist Trade
North America's First Museum
The Burning Springs
The Schooner Michigan

The Spanish Aerocar
Dufferin Islands

Incline Railways
Prospect Park Incline Railway
Whirlpool Rapids Incline
Falls Incline Railway



Jeffrey Petkovich & Peter DiBernardi

Peter DeBernardi had always had visions of going over the falls in a barrel, however, by the time he arrived on the scene in the late 1980’s, daredevils were plentiful and usually the fame was fleeting.

DeBernardi had a slightly different idea. He planned on being the first ever two-person team to go over the falls. His only problem was finding a suitable partner. He offered the seat to several area residents including Dave Munday who politely refused his offer.

In 1989 he announced that he would take the plunge with Jeffrey Petkovich, a 24 year-old university student. The barrel that he constructed was a 3000 lb 12 ft reinforced steel tank. Inside it contained harness straps and two oxygen tanks. On the side of the barrel were the words “Don’t put yourself on the Edge – Drugs will kill you”.

Small plexi-glass windows enabled DeBernardi to videotape the entire stunt. On the afternoon of September 28th the barrel, with both men inside strapped head to head, was set afloat in the Niagara River about 200 yards above the Horseshoe Falls.

Minutes later it was spotted below the falls. DeBarnardi and Petrovich had accomplished what no other daredevil had yet to accomplish. They had made the trip over the falls as a duo. Each stunter was eventually fined 1,500 for performing an illegal stunt.

DeBernardi was quoted as saying that it was a small price to pay to be immortalized in the history books. To discourage future stunters the fine for anyone attempting a stunt was raised to a maximum of $10,000, and the ability to confiscate the stunters barrels.